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Roly Poly Entertainment



About Me

Hello and Welcome my name is Christopher Gibbins and I am the Managing Director of a company called Roly Poly Entertainment. My company is a small family run business that provide entertainment throughout South Wales. As a family we are passionate about our work and always find ways to support each other to enhance further opportunities within our business.
   I have had entertainment experience for 10 years, however Roly Poly Entertainment first adventured out 5 years ago with just hiring out party inflatables such as Bouncy Castle and Soft Play. 
Over the past 5 years we have put together and provided many party packages for all ages, genders, themes and abilities and are extremely dedicated to what we does. As an entertainment provider we always goes the extra mile to ensure each party or event is unique, affordable, enjoyable but most of all successful.
Not only do we participate in doing events as a business but we also put on events for the community - whether this be a free fun day charity event or a Fundraiser for a much needed cause i.e. young children with life threatening illnesses. 
   Over the years myself as well as Roly Poly Entertainments have earned respect from members of many Communities with both children and adults referring to me as 'The Roly Poly Man'
Each year Roly Poly Entertainment host a Kids Fest which is usually in the Summer Holidays where we puts on a huge outdoor festival and all money raised goes to local charities within the community. On average each festival has seen the gathering of over 2000 members of the community attend. This event raised over £20,000 last year which is an amazing contributions to our local charities.


                                                                                      Me & The Team

There are around 11 Dj's that work with myself and any of these will be able to provide you with the best entertainment around. We strive in putting other people's expectations into practice!


There ain't no party like a roly poly party!

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